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Carrollton, TX
United States

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Lauren Wolf


Instagram: @lmtwolf

Hello, my name is Lauren and I'm so happy you decided to learn a little bit more about essential oils! My husband and I welcomed a baby girl into the world this past May, and these oils have made our journey from pregnancy, post-partum, and keeping baby happy much easier! My husband and I are both engineers and I have to admit I never bought into that 'hippy' oil stuff...I mean medicine is back by science, ancient oils well that has to be placebo effect, right? And then I started trying them...I was first introduced to "Thieves" at a local pilates studio--it was all they used to clean all their equipment; then they told me the health benefits of diffusing it and putting it on the bottom of your feet at night, so I tried it. Within a week, I noticed the effects of my immune system being strengthened! Throughout my pregnancy I diffused Thieves at night, and I definitely stayed healthy my entire pregnancy! Since then, I've branched out and learned how to use the other oils to impact our lives in positive ways. I'd love to chat with you to help you find the best oils for your needs!


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