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Carrollton, TX
United States

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Catie Mong

Instagram: @12cmong
Location: Studying in Palo Alto, Ca (from Grapevine, Tx)

Welcome! My name is Catie, and I'm a senior at Stanford University majoring in Earth Systems with a focus on Land Use. This photo is of me during my internship with The Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia. Conservation and sustainable resource management are passions of mine. I've loved learning about essential oils and the different ways that plants have traditionally been used for their health benefits and the current research being done on the various health effects of essential oils. Sustainability is very important to me, and one of many reasons why Young Living stands out to me among other companies. Their Seed to Seal promise sets the standard for authenticity and purity and reflects a commitment to global stewardship of our environment.

I initially started using essential oils as a way to help me manage a chronic condition. While at first I was skeptical, I was amazed by how much oils have helped me both in my health and daily life as a college student! Taking charge of your health despite a busy schedule is something that I think many--college students and adults alike--should prioritize more. If you're interested in how oils can benefit your overall wellness, I'm excited to help you on this journey!

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